Do I ride my own motorcycle at school?
Yes, classes are held on student motorbikes. There is an option to rent a motorcycle for training.
Do I need a driving license to take part in the training?
Each training participant must have a driving license. You will be asked or asked to present such a document when registering at the event site. So don't forget to take him with you.
I think I'm a lot older than a typical motorcyclist. Am I not too old to attend the training?
Absolutely not. There is no upper age limit for our students, so nobody is too old for training. All we need from you is a functional motorcycle, motorcycle license, willingness to learn, ability to listen and make progress.
Is it necessary to have strictly off-road tires (Michelin Anakee Wild, Conti TKC80, Metzleler Karoo 3, Mitas E09 etc.!)
Yes. We teach riding… off-road. This means that on universal tires, especially road tires, you will have great difficulty controlling your motorcycle. If it rains, you will not be able to control the motorcycle. Therefore, if you attend a motorcycle class without off-road tires, you will only waste your time and money.
Do I need an off-road motorcycle to participate in classes?
Yes. We teach driving in the field in ... field. Getting there with a universal / tourist motorcycle will mean the inability to do the exercises and the risk of damage to the motorcycle.
Is the training only for Adventure motorcycles or can I come on a light enduro?
Of course you can come on a light enduro, but we focus on heavy off-road motorcycles. The program of the day, the characteristics of the exercises performed and the difficulty level of the attacked area are addressed to BMW GS, KTM Adventure, Honda Africa Twin or Yamaha Super Terene machines.
My motorcycle has a louder, accessory exhaust. What are the volume limits during training?
There is no one specified at school. We know that many of you modify your motorcycles, including their exhaust systems. We only suggest that the motorcycle should not be burdensome for other training participants in terms of noise level.
Do I need special equipment for riding outside of standard motorcycle equipment / clothing?
All participants of Proenduro.pl classes must be equipped with:
- full face motorcycle helmet (covering the whole face). Helmets used during training must meet ECE / FIM standards. Helmets must always be fastened while driving. Jaw helmets must have the "jaw" lowered while driving.
- textile suit as long as it is dedicated motorcycle clothing, made of wear-resistant materials and equipped with a full set of certified protectors.
- we also recommend using additional protection measures such as a spine protector and a chest protector.
- offroad motorcycle shoes (military, trekking and boots shoes are excluded)
- motorcycle gloves that cover the wrist
Which level should I start with? Do I have to start from Level 1?
Yes, everyone starts at Level 1. It is not a matter of our lack of confidence in your skills, just the teaching process at school is structured. Somewhere it must begin and this beginning is called Level 1. This is the starting point for learning the driving technique and in the next levels you will use the skills acquired at Level 1.
I race in offroad races and I have a racing license. Do I have to start from Level 1?
Yes you do. No exceptions, see above. The individual levels at Proenduro.pl are not difficulty levels, but separate thematic blocks focusing on other aspects of motorcycle riding. We always start training at Level 1.
I have been riding a motorcycle for many years, I have driven hundreds of thousands of kilometers and I am a very experienced motorcyclist. Do I have to start from Level 1?
Yes you do. No exceptions, see above.
Is Level 1 for complete beginners? I don't have much experience behind the wheel of a motorcycle and I'm a bit stressed. What if it turns out that I'm totally hopeless?
Level 1 is for everyone. Proenduro.pl are purely training events. This is not a cross country rally and everyone who comes with such an attitude will be reminded by us what the purpose of the event is.
Do I have to complete all 4 teaching levels to really improve my driving?
Even if you only finish Level 1 and never show up at school again, you'll still be a better driver, more confident and more technically cornering.
What time do the classes start and finish during the day?
Classes start at 9.00 in the morning and end around 17.30 in the afternoon. Sometimes we finish a little later.
How much time will I spend riding offroad?
During the day you will have classes, practical exercises on the track and time to talk to instructors and rest. We will also take you to a trip in real terrain so that you can check how your newly acquired skills work in practice. You will spend most of the day in the saddle.
What if the weather is bad, e.g. when it is raining?
Training takes place regardless of weather conditions, even if it is wet. Canceling classes due to bad weather is absolutely rare. Rainfall is also no excuse for postponing classes or canceling classes. We ride both on the road and on the track when it is wet, and the program can also be done in wet weather without compromising the quality of training.
Is there any food / buffet on site?
We provide water, fruit and snacks on site to keep you hydrated and not to lower your blood sugar. In addition, we provide lunch during the day.
Can I bring guests or spectators?
Family and friends are most welcome during the training day. Access to the facility is free, but please contact Proenduro.pl staff in advance to complete the declaration of waiver of claims in the event of an accident. Such a person will be equipped with a band enabling free movement around the object.
The training day is very long and that is why taking small children with you does not seem to be a good idea. Children under 16 should not be taken to the track, and where motorcycles are moving should be under the care of a parent or guardian at all times.
Taking pets with you is strictly prohibited due to common safety.
Will there be a photographer who will record my progress for posterity?
Yes, there will be a professional photographer on site who will be present throughout the day on the track, in the depot and in the lecture hall without attracting attention. At the end of the day, you'll be able to choose photos and buy them.
Am I insured when coming to a party?
We do not require separate insurance from event participants. Despite the fact that accidents at school are very rare, you must be aware that every time you sit on a mtoycle, not only on Proenduro.pl courses, you do it at your own risk. Therefore, we suggest that you obtain additional accident insurance, including participation in events on the track.
Although Proenduro.pl courses are absolutely non-racing events (as well as sports, competitive), it may turn out that your insurer will question the right to compensation in the event of damage to your motorcycle. Check the terms of your AC policy in advance and, if necessary, extend the scope of insurance (if possible).
Proenduro.pl and the organizer in a given country are always insured in the scope of civil liability and depending on the track and country in which the training takes place - due to accident insurance of participants.
I would like to buy a course for another person as a gift, but I don't know which day they will be able to use it. Can I buy a gift voucher?
Of course. The recipient will receive from us a complete set of information about the school and how the training looks like. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. After this date, they will expire and we will not refund you.
What is the procedure if I am forced to resign from participation in the purchased course?
If the participant is unable to participate in the training on the purchased date, the return policy is as follows:
- withdrawal of participation 28 days and more before the event - full refund of paid money
- withdrawal of participation less than 28 days before the event and longer than 14 - refunds minus deposit (PLN 200 for one-day training, PLN 400 for 2-day training).
- withdrawal of participation less than 14 days before the event - no refund
More information can be found in the Regulations, which you receive from us at the time of registration.
The track day starts quite early, are there any recommendable places to stay in the area?
Yes. In the mailings preceding the event, we attach a list of hotels and accommodation recommended by us.
Is there a division into groups in terms of experience and motorcycle?
Exercises are prepared so that everyone can handle them. Nevertheless, we divide students depending on what and how long they ride.
How to prepare a motorcycle?
First of all, the motorcycle must be technically sound and we reserve the right to inspect the technical condition of the vehicle. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of tires, brakes and suspension. The organizer reserves the right not to allow the participant to participate in the event, without a refund for the course paid, if the participant's motorcycle threatens his safety, or the safety of other students of the event. In particular, this applies when the technical inspection reveals:
- excessive tire wear
- excessive wear of the brake pads
- oil leaks from suspensions
- sharp elements protruding beyond the outline of the vehicle (e.g., ends of the steering damper, bolts, decorative studs, etc.)
- visible leaks of operating fluids from the power unit
- excessive chain and sprocket wear
- excessive noise level
- damaged brake, clutch and shift levers
- other defects directly affecting the safety of use of the vehicle on the track
We do not require motorcycle preparation according to racing regulations, i.e. covering a sealed tub under the engine, wiring the drain and filler plugs, etc.
Can I record classes with a camera installed on a motorcycle.
By all means, but with a few caveats. First of all, we do not allow cameras to be mounted on a helmet. We also pay attention to such a way of mounting the camera that it does not risk losing control over the motorcycle, and that there is no risk of it falling and hitting another motorcycle. It is forbidden to record lectures in classrooms.
What does the documentation of participation in the event look like (certificate, diploma)?
Each training participant receives an appropriate Proenduro certificate.
Is it possible to buy fuel on the track / autodrome?
You can't buy fuel on our track. The nearest gas station is located about two kilometers from the track, but a full tank filled up should be enough for the whole day of classes. If your motorcycle has an extremely low fuel tank, or extremely high fuel consumption, we suggest purchasing an additional gas can.
Do you issue a VAT invoice and what is written on it?
Yes, we issue a VAT invoice (23% rate) for the training service.
How soon will I be able to feel the difference in my driving?
Most motorcyclists already feel it during training. What's important, you will know what and how to practice during your independent trips on the course. Of course, the training process is individual and it is difficult to assess the progress of people with different experience and skills according to the same criteria.
I have additional questions not included in this FAQ. How can I contact you?
You can use the contact form or contact us at: 509 155 792 between 9.00-17.00.