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Mariusz Łowicki

Mariusz Łowicki - Coach

A long-time automotive journalist, a participant of the world GS Trophy 2014 in Canada won by Czech-Polish Team, a certified California Superbike School coach, person responsible for training issues.

Maciek Gryczewski

Maciek Gryczewski – Coach

Under well engineered and rational mask calculated by the finite element method, there is an infinite enthusiast of motorcycles. After years of tormenting motorcycles and smaller machines, Maciek squeezed everything out of the heavy Adventure machines. In 2014, together with the CEEU team, he won the world final GS TROPHY in Canada.

Hubert Szaniawski

Hubert Szaniawski – Coach

Professionally and emotionally connected with motorcycles. An unfulfilled participant in the Dakar Rally, but a passionate enduro enthusiast in our Central European realities. Hubert keeps aa eye on the highest standards of customer service and is the first person you should talk to when you want to share your opinion about our efforts.

Janusz Nowicki

Janusz Nowicki – Coach

Janusz is able to get to the crank shaft bush through the exhaust system without damaging the catalytic converter! Not only does he effectively extract the best from his students, but he is also a great motorcycle mechanic and invaluable technical support during our events.

Kamil Łowicki

Kamil Łowicki – Photo

Motorcycles and photography are two great passions of Kamil, which not only fit together perfectly, but also thanks to which you can enjoy your photos from our trainings and trips.

Basia Łowicka

Basia Łowicka – A woman with a hand on cash

With Basia, you will handle the paperwork, billing, invoicing and changes in your records.