What and how do we teach?

One level of our training takes one day. During each training day you will have a series of short discussions focused on the various elements of riding techniques. After going thru theory the element you are working on is practiced with the coach on the off-road track, and after finishing each ride, you will discuss the results with him. Expect non-standard exercises / drills that are not in the basic plan of the day.

Our training program is divided into four blocks. In each of them we focus on another area of riding heavy off-road motorcycle. Our levels are not levels of difficulty. We suggest implementing them in the order, so that you can make the most of your time and money. What should you expect at each level?


A day at

Training at is a very busy day, but at the same time run in a peaceful atmosphere conducive to learning. We start registrations of participants at 8.30. We finish the day around 5:00 PM (sometimes later) with a summary of the training day and the final debrief with your coach before finally everyone goes home.

At the beginning of the day you will be assigned to a coach who will work with you throughout the day. Your coach will work also with other students.

During the day we will find time for snacks, cold and hot drinks, and lunch.


When preparing for training, remember to take with you:

  • willingness to learn,
  • complete certified motorcycle protective clothing (helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, motorcycle off-road boots, back protector or off-road buzzer),
  • riding license,
  • proper off-road tires (Michelin Anakee Wild, Conti TKC80, Metzleler Karoo 3, Mitas E09, etc.)!

Poziomy szkolenia w / Choose level

On/Off – get off the asphalt

Individual training

Individual training can be implemented for one person, it can also be implemented for a group of up to 5 people. Please contact us to arrange the details and arrange the date, as this training can be carried regardless our standard training calendar.

How much will I improve?

We would lie saying that in one day we will make you a perfectionist in each of the points we will refer to in the training. Nevertheless, after completing the training you will know what you have been doing wrong so far, you will know how to achieve desired level of your ride. You will also know how your own training should look like. Each of the above points is fully explained from the theoretical side, practiced on the tracks and discussed with your coach. – take control!

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Because we only employ professional teachers with many years of experience, who with care for safety and precision will infect you with a sincere passion for riding a motorcycle.
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How we teach?
We effectively carry out our students through four successive levels of teaching, gradually increasing the intensity of the exercises, which allows you to maximize the benefits.
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Voucher for a gift
We also offer an option of gift vouchers with a complete set of information about the school, which remain valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.
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